Bright Rainbow back

Ribbon Sticks


Handpainted rainbow silk dancing ribbon stick. Available in silk or parachute.

This item: Satin 3 metre dancing ribbon stick


Bright Rainbow Handpainted rainbow



Light & silent like a feather, the silk ribbons are easy to play with using quick or gentle rythmic movements, circles or figure 8's.

Express your passion and creativity through the delicate fluidity of the ribbon dancing in the air.

Lovely to dance to music with, embracing the highs and lows, fast & slow tempos with the flow of the ribbon and rainbow hue.

History: I have been handpainting silk dancing ribbons for 21 years after I discovered the merging colours of the rainbow on silk. To dance and intereact with the ribbon in motion delights all, provoking calm, peace and gentleness in it's rythmic silence.

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